The Story

I draw back the curtains and smile as Mayfair’s morning light creates a dappled shadow across her roofs. I’ll breakfast alone this morning, but smile secretly, knowing he’ll be here again soon. I slip past his doorman, who greets me with a tipped cap, and step out into the city. Breakfast is black coffee, picking my favourite table and gazing up at London’s sultry skyline. Then I dive into the arcades and go shopping —I love to dress well in the day—but my true passion is dressing for the night; silk, satin and lace, mixed with buttery, soft leather, and beautiful lingerie to match every look. Quickly, afternoon gives way to evening. My love sweeps in and soon we’re enchanted again, entwined lovers in our black London cab as the lights of Berkeley Square slide by. Dinner is laughter-filled; quiet corners, low lights, and my favourite vintage champagne. And then, the best part of any evening, the party. I love to dance, and so we head to my signature spot, a secret, except to those who know. The curtains draw back to reveal dazzling groups of friends, with beautiful cocktails in hand, filling up this seductively beautiful little place. I take Mister Nice by the hand beckoning him over to my very favourite table, and he follows, powerless to Nikita’s charms.

But, what happens next? Well, that’s our little secret, and Nikita never tells…



Nikita provides an intimate and private space, ideal for decadent celebrations or exclusive corporate events. From small gathering to larger groups, Nikita offers a tailored experience creating sumptuous events.


Opening Hours

Wednesday 7:30pm – 1am
Thursday 7:30pm – 2am
Friday 7:30pm – 2am
Saturday 7:30pm – 2am

Sunday and Monday